Annual Coaching & Refinement

Meaningful change does not happen overnight. Experienced leaders understand that impactful change made by leaders, managers, and employees of a company requires observation and trial and error. Considering the impact on your succession plan becomes part of your decision-making process. Annual coaching allows clients to build and maintain momentum.

Refining and adapting your plan offer an opportunity to observe the trial and error of transitioning plans and roles for your team. You will be able to adapt and courageously stay ahead of the competition and industry trends by refining your plan. Refining the Succession plan allows you to adapt your ability to recruit, retain, and reward talented leaders and performer. Investing in the refinement of your plan pays dividends in many ways.

Immel and Associates continue providing an outsider’s perspective to give the business owner greater confidence that decisions are timely and impactful and investing in your ongoing planning and the retention of your team bringing both security and confidence to your team.

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