Leadership Transition Planning

Putting Success into Succession – some ways we can help

Impacting your Leadership. Does the succession plan begin with successful leadership succession plan? How important is it to have the right people in the right roles to successfully lead your business? How important is it you develop a succession plan from a position of strength? Can you be negotiating from strength without the right people in the right roles, with the right authority and connection with employees and clients?

Leadership Identification and development. Questions to ask

  • Putting the right leaders in the right seats – How important is it you have the right leaders in the right seats? Are you selecting based upon roles required today, or, roles of the future?
  • How do you select and interview to determine the potential for future leaders?
  • How do you create a plan to unlock the potential of each potential leader?
  • How do family businesses establish leadership development plans for family and non-family leaders?

Leadership Development and delegation plans Questions to ask

  • How and when do leaders delegate? How will successful development be measured?
  • Does a leadership development plan need to be driven by a vision for the future leaders?
  • What prevents current owners/leaders from delegating tasks to others? What risks exist with delegation? Is there risk involved when leaders do not delegate as part of a development plan?
  • Is it important that the leadership development plan considers the retention of talented leaders and performers?

Aligning Leadership Succession planning with Strategic Marketing and Sales Plans. Questions to ask

  • Is there a succession plan in place that will retain clients and critical employees?
  • How important is it your Company is prepared to retain the loyalty and advocacy of your clients and critical employees?
  • Do you understand how to develop future leaders to assure successful retention of your people and your clients?

Help business owners gain clarity for planned and unplanned events. Questions to ask

  • How does your succession plan bring family, employees, clients and financial partners peace of mind in the event of a death or disability of a critical shareholder/employee?
  • Are survivors prepared to communicate a plan to the stakeholders of the company?
  • What risks will limit your ability to successfully transition leadership and/or ownership?

Have you ever felt “stuck” due to a lack of clarity of your destination?

At Immel & Associates, we can help renew the energy and excitement of entrepreneurs by helping them gain clarity, confidence and courage to make changes required to live up to full potential, both personally and professionally.