Business Succession Planning

Every business owner works hard to answer the simple questions – “What is Success?” – We have learned that a business owner seeks answers to build success every day. We believe business succession planning helps align and integrate short-term business decisions with long-term succession planning goals.

Consider this planning as writing the script of the journey and the succession of your business – Writing Your Storybook:

Your story is written with decisions every day. The big decisions you make will dictate how the chapters of your book will be defined. Every business owner knows the beginning chapters. How do you write your next chapters? How do the upcoming chapters consider the vision of the last chapters of your book? Experience had taught us that the final chapters of any book are more successful when the decision made today understand the goals for the final chapter of your book.

Here are some questions to think about:

  • How will your final chapters read? How do I begin to write the script for the upcoming chapters with a vision for the final chapter of my book? How will decisions made today impact the success in my final chapters?
  • How can you articulate the risk management decisions to prepare for unplanned events? We believe that risk management decisions identify an opportunity to plan effectively for the final chapters of your book.
  • Who can you confide in to process your thoughts? Who will ask the right questions at the right time? Who can be your guide as you go through this process?
  • Who will understand and simplify the process of writing the remaining chapters of your book?

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