How We Help Business Owners

Our clients reach out for many reasons. Many clients are reaching out proactively, while others are driven by challenging issues that make planning both important and urgent.

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Performance – Play – Purpose

    • Performance: Clients understand how they started. They led with passion and purpose when they leaped into the business. Businesses are experiencing changes in the marketplace and become more dependent upon leadership and their expertise. Planning and performing with the right people help put success in succession planning.
    • Play: Entrepreneurs enter their business with passion and excitement. Then, life happens; business owners often find themselves playing roles that they may not enjoy. Building a succession plan to help place the right people in the right roles improves both trust and performance. A well-crafted succession plan should allow the owners to PLAY at work and have more time to PLAY away from work.
    • Purpose: Many business owners have a spirit to help the clients, employees, community, and other charitable interests. Serving business owners for the past 40 years has taught me they are passionate people. Passionate people are passionate; at work, at home, and anywhere they invest their time. Entrepreneurs who win understand they are fortunate and thankful for their success.

How can a leadership succession plan help you grow your business while gaining more freedom?

Some entrepreneurs and business owners have a goal to give back. Is there another passion and set of personal objectives that need to align with your business objectives? Do you feel a need to share your success with people who have dedicated themselves to your business and purpose?

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Do you believe it is easier to get into business than getting out of business?

At Immel & Associates, we create a clear vision of business ownership that can bring win-win outcomes for people that are important to you as the business owner.