How We Help Business Owners

Our clients reach out for many reasons. Many clients are reaching out proactively, while others are driven by challenging issues that make planning both important and urgent.

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Let’s talk – Getting Started:

Understanding the role of Immel and Associates:

The first question to ask is, “If a succession plan is so important; why don’t I have a plan documented today?” You know how you started, yet, the complexity of exiting your business can delay people from “getting started.”

Many clients begin planning by establishing a long-term ownership vision. We begin the process to help you gain clarity of your goals, challenges, and opportunities is a good foundation to get started. Jim Immel has decades of experience helping business owners get started.

Following this process has helped others gain clarity and confidence:

    1. Objectives: Set initial Goals (Based upon a vision for the business owner and the Company)
    2. Business Planning: Refreshing your business planning helps you successfully plan your succession plan.
    3. Education: Gain relevant education on ideas and concepts that have helped others get-started with their planning.
    4. Advice and collaboration with advisors: Jim often provides project management to collaborate with trusted advisors to bring clarity and confidence.
    5. Design: Co-creating action steps to streamline the succession planning process. Education and feedback are ongoing throughout the planning process.
    6. Communication: A good plan requires great communication. Strategy for the what, the who and the when will help inspire people to execute on the plan.

Think of Immel and associates as part PM (Project Management) and AP (Accountability Partner) during the Succession planning process.

One last question: How will you write the last chapters of your book as an owner of your business?

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Do you think it is possible to set clear objectives without clarity of what you want or understanding what your options are?

We bring education and insight to help each client understand the appropriate planning to overcome obstacles and ultimately, reach their opportunities.