How We Help Business Owners

Our clients reach out for many reasons. Many clients are reaching out proactively, while others are driven by challenging issues that make planning both important and urgent.

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Clarity – Confidence – Courage

Every entrepreneur remembers WHY they got into the business. These business owners leaped into starting their business. Our succession planning process helps clients regain clarity of their goals builds confidence. The renewed confidence then fuels business owners to act with courage. Our goal is to put success in every succession plan. The tagline for Immel and Associates is more than a tagline – it is a process that inspires people to move off of the magnet of status-quo.

  1. Clarity: The whirlwind of the day requires clients to focus on tactics and not a strategy. We help clients gain clarity so they can renew and update their vision for success.
  2. Confidence: Gaining clarity can feed Confidence to make decisions that focus on the new and renewed vision.
  3. Courage: Change is difficult without a vision for future success. Courage to develop and delegate critical roles requires trust and confidence in future leaders. Courage to trust others helps business owners grow in their future roles.

We don’t get the right answers without asking the right questions – Let us help and share what others have learned

You make big decisions every day – what is your plan to make your decision to develop and delegate others? How does your leadership succession plan help you put success into your succession plan? Let us help you gain clarity and confidence so you can act with courage.

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Do you think it is possible to set clear objectives without clarity of what you want or understanding what your options are?

We bring education and insight to help each client understand the appropriate planning to overcome obstacles and ultimately, reach their opportunities.