Jim Immel

Our Mission

Help clients successfully transition leadership and ownership with confidence – Helping clients put success into their succession plan.

  • Business Succession Planning

    Helping clients prepare for their future by identifying and developing leaders to successfully grow the business as the foundation of the succession plan.

  • Leadership Transition Planning

    Help clients transition leaders who will influence the necessary change to drive the business to new heights.

Jim Immel’s experience and beliefs:

40 years of experience has helped Jim develop a deep understanding to help simplify what others make so complex. Jim believes the transition of your leadership is the foundation for a successful succession plan. Leadership identification and development is necessary to provide future leaders with a period of trial and error to embrace their role as eventual successors. The succession planning process allows clients to navigate their decisions with confidence and courage.

Jim believes:

  • Asking the right questions at the right time helps clients gain clarity on their goals
  • That beginning with the end-in-mind brings clarity to align business decisions with the long-term leadership and ownership succession plans
  • Many clients avoid moving forward when they await a vision for “the perfect-plan.” We believe this is the root cause of many people becoming STUCK and indecisive.
  • Understanding how to manage your risks helps gain early momentum in your planning.
  • Focus on the “whole” and not “the parts” to build efficiency in your plan

Jim’s background:

Jim’s 40-year experience has had two 20-year stints. The first 20 years, Jim served business clients as a financial advisor to help mitigate the risks of losing key employees to competitors or driving the key employee to become your next competitor. Jim’s experience has helped clients prepare for the contingency of premature death or disability of a business owner or key employee. For the past 20 years, Jim has provided independent advice to help owner-managed companies execute on their succession plans.

The plan focuses on preparing business owners for planned and unplanned events.

  • A planned event will benefit from business and succession planning to provide win-win for current and future owners and leaders.
  • The unplanned event of premature death and disability can arise anytime.
  • The most likely unplanned event tends to be the departure of an employee that is critical for long-term success.

Plans begin with an ownership vision and planning to help business owners ID future leaders to prepare the business for both planned and unplanned events.

Jim’s experience, vision, and ability to navigate the processes proved to be priceless

My partner and I engaged Jim years before we negotiated the sale of our business. Jim prepared us for success by helping us identify, recruit, and develop our leaders and performers. He guided us through decisions that allowed us to negotiate from a position of strength. His experience, vision, and ability to navigate the processes proved to be priceless.

David Stroh

Former owner Wolin Mechanical Electrical Contractors