Immel and Associates Mission Statement

Help inspire clients to build meaning plans to transition leadership and ownership of their business. We help clients articulate the vision for greater shared success.

Our Values

Steven Covey said – “meet people where they are,” and, “First seek to understand before being understood.” Steven Covey offered significant wisdom is “The seven habits of highly effective people.” At the center of our process is to help clients to assure that the timing and fit for my coaching are appropriate. The fit requires the values between myself and my client’s values align. My client’s appreciation for their team and clients drives them to serve others. I am thankful for all the clients who have entrusted me and included me in their journey.

Helped us in building a highly functioning team

After my first meeting with Jim Immel many years ago I shifted my thinking completely. Jim helped me to focus on developing a healthy bottom line, building a highly functioning team, and diversifying my net worth. With Jim’s assistance I built the personal financial and business strength to execute the recent transition of leadership and ownership of our company.

Thomas D. Menold

Menold Construction & Restoration