Our Mission

Help clients successfully transition leadership and ownership with confidence – Helping clients put success into their succession plan.

  • Business Succession Planning

    Helping clients prepare for their future by identifying and developing leaders to successfully grow the business as the foundation of the succession plan.

  • Leadership Transition Planning

    Help clients transition leaders who will influence the necessary change to drive the business to new heights.

Immel and Associates, Inc. – How we help Business Owners

Our clients reach out for many reasons. Many clients are reaching out proactively, while others are driven by challenging issues that make planning both important and urgent.

Reactive reasons – a revolutionary (Urgency in nature)

  • Many engagements began after a key employees’ departure.
  • Many clients fear that key employees may look to build their own business.
  • Other reactive plans began after a wake-up call due to change in the health of the business owner or departure of a key employee.
  • And finally, some planning opportunities were influenced by bankers or surety bonding advisors who felt we could help develop and retain leadership to reset the course of their success.

Proactive plans – evolutionary – (educational) with an opportunity for trial and error

  • Clients desire to have a plan and story to remember their planning – not a lack of planning.
  • We have helped clients create a story that inspires their team members and clients to stay loyal to their business.
  • Some clients understand they have years to grow their business before their departure. We have helped clients invest in their people to grow their business.
  • Proactive planning requires proactive communications for both family and non-family business.

Do you believe it is easier to get into business than getting out of business?

At Immel & Associates, we create a clear vision of business ownership that can bring win-win outcomes for people that are important to you as the business owner.