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Welcome to Immel and Associates

We serve business owners who make daily decisions that set the course for their business. There are very few decisions viewed as “Legacy Decisions.” The transition of leadership and ownership is a decision that can determine your legacy. Succession decisions take time, require trial and error, and require continual adaptation to respond to change. Our mission is to help clients gain clarity on these legacy decisions, so our clients act courageously and proactively on the execution of their goals.

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Jim Immel


Help clients successfully plan to transition leadership and ownership with confidence to put success into their succession plan.
Business Consultant

We Deliver Results

We understand that the decision to start a business is less complicated than the decision to transition your business. We enjoy simplifying the process, so our clients make timely decisions with clarity and confidence. Our goal is to help business owners get UNSTUCK.

Immel and Associates, Inc.

Clarity of your desired outcomes helps you build confidence to be able to act courageously on your goals.

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Begin with clear Objectives and understanding of potential Obstacles will allow you to act on Opportunities.

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Successful Performance allows you to invest in a plan and people to help you have time to Play and live out your Purpose.

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